Expansion of the shopping centre “Ülemiste”

Distinction is not good enough… After the expansion and rebranding of the shopping centre “Ülemiste” in 2014, it was entitled as the best expanded and reconstructed shopping centre in Europe. In 2016 the shopping centre “Ülemiste” completed the certification of the building receiving the BREEAM (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certificate, the world’s leading design and assessment system for sustainable buildings, obtaining a very high evaluation. This shopping centre has also received several architecture awards in Estonia. In 2016 and 2017 the shopping centre “Ülemiste” has been recognised as the best and most popular shopping centre among customers in several Estonian ratings.

However, distinction is not good enough – in 2018 the next round of the “Ülemiste” extension has been started, in order to provide a wider choice in entertainment and restaurants, as well as to increase the range of fashion goods. As a result of the expansion, the total net area of the shopping centre “Ülemiste” will increase from 102 000 m2 up to 125 000 m2 (including the parking space in the building), whereas the net rent area will increase for 14 000 m2, reaching 73 000 m2 in total.

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When implementing the next round of expansion, it is planned to build a comfortable underground parking space under the new building. It will ensure a fast and comfortable entry to the ground floor of the shopping centre, in order to make bigger purchases in the newly built “Rimi Hypermarket” or to go to the gym or any of the many, newly opened restaurants, cafes and shops of the shopping centre “Ülemiste”.

In the framework of the expansion project, additional stairs will be built, in order to connect all floors of the multi-storey parking space and to ensure direct access to the new generation “Apollo” cinema and its VIP zone.

The overground parking space of the shopping centre “Ülemiste” is re-designed, introducing wider and more comfortable parking lots. By developing the parking space, special attention is paid not only to the comfort and safety of customers, but also to the added value – the increase of the green urban area. Avenues of trees will be created, along which the customers will be able to walk to the shopping centre and back to their cars in a slow and safe way.

In the expanded shopping centre such brands as “O’Learys” (sports bar-restaurant), “Losteria” (pizza), “LUU” (restaurant) etc. will be waiting for their customers for the first time in Tallinn.

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Key facts

  • Net area of the shopping centre before: 98 500
  • Net area of the shopping centre after: 125 000
  • Net retail area before: 58 300
  • Net retail area after: 73 000
  • Number of parking lots before: 1500
  • Number of parking lots after: 1800
  • The opening planned in summer 2019

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Manager of s/c Ülemiste

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