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Alfa Retail Park Facing Many Positive Changes

Information provided by Mārcis Budļevskis, Board member, SIA Linstow Center Management

The year 2014 is to bring plenty of positive changes for Alfa Retail Park. Spanking new and spacious premises of the Retail Park will welcome shops of such brands popular in Latvia as City Men/City Women, Mothercare, Next, Mohito, and the Alfa’s long-term tenant, Rito, that had stopped operating in the Retail Park for some time, will return again.

Several Alfa tenants, such as Seppala, Jaguar, Tiger, Happy Dog, Riči Nika, Gards, Sun Lounge, Nordea Banka, as well as Čipolīno that will also change its name to Kids Zone, will change their location within the Retail Park and move to new premises. Some of the tenants, such as, for example, Cenuklubs, though staying in the same premises will have their retail areas reconstructed and renovated. Expansion of the retail area for Jānis Roze bookstore in Alfa is under consideration as well. Tender, home textile shop, will continue functioning in new premises in Mols Shopping Centre.

In February, Cubus and Dressmann that are Varner brands and the Finnish Tiimari halt their operations in Latvia, Alfa Retail Park included.

Changes in the composition of shops and rotation of shop locations have already started and are to be completed in the first six months of 2014. All costs relating to launching of new shops and rotation of shop locations after lease expiry are, as a rule, covered by tenants, therefore there is no reason to speak of investments made by the owners of Alfa Retail Park in this respect.

SIA Linstow Center Management, a Galactico shopping centre developer (Alfa, Galerija Centrs, Mols, Dole and Origo Shopping Centres) and real estate operator, has already been operating in Latvia for 17 years. Total floor space of shopping centres managed by LCM in Latvia amounts to 230,000 m2 and 275,000 m2 in all Baltic countries (LCM is also the operator of Ülemiste, the largest shopping centre in Estonia).

Other news

Latvia’s first 24/7 fitness club Gym! to open in October, in the shopping centre Origo

The first phase of the expanded building of the shopping centre “Origo” has been opened, the Class A business centre “Origo One” has started operating

One of largest investment projects opens – expanded Origo Shopping Centre building and Origo One Business Centre – stage 2 of reconstruction work continues

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S/c Origo new building and Origo One are open

Widely Known Companies Choosing Future “Origo One” Office Centre for Headquarters

Origo One Business Centre, Origo Shopping Centre Earn BREEAM Certificates With Excellent Evaluation

Building A of Origo Shopping Centre to be Closed for Reconstruction

Linstow Centre Management will Rebuild Street Crossing to Ensure Greater Comfort for Traffic Participants in the Centre of Rīga

PHOTO: Opening of enlarged Alfa shopping centre

Multi and Linstow Center Management celebrate opening enlarged Alfa shopping centre in Riga

PHOTO: The opening of Ülemiste after reconstruction

Largest Shopping, Entertainment Centre in Baltic States Opened in Estonia After Reconstruction

PHOTO: Sh/c Origo and Origo One Business Centre Celebrate Rafter Festival

Origo Shopping Centre and Origo One Business Centre Celebrate Rafter Festival

Linstow Center Management and Multi celebrate topping out of extension Alfa shopping centre in Riga

Photo: Topping out of extension Alfa shopping centre

Photo: Capsule immuring ceremony of Ülemiste expansion project

Next June, the Ülemiste Shopping Centre in Estonia, developed by the Norwegian real estate company Linstow, will become the largest shopping centre in the Baltic States

Construction of one of the most ambitious and complicated mixed-use investment projects – the extension of Origo shopping centre and construction of business centre Origo One based on multi-modal transportation hub – has began. Total investments to reach 70 million euros

Capsule immuring ceremony of ORIGO and ORIGO ONE

Ülemiste Shopping Centre developed by the Norwegian real estate developer Linstow commenced expansion works

Digital brochure of Ülemiste expansion project

Digital brochure of Origo expansion project

Origo Expansion Project video presentation

Expansion of ALFA Retail Park starts officially with a spectacular balloon release

Preparations for the Origo business centre construction site to begin this week

RTU Design Factory projects receive more than 14.5 thousand euros in “Innovation LCM 20”

Mechanical installation “Skryf” by Dutch artist Gijs van Bon was placed by “Origo” shopping centre during the “White Night” modern culture forum

Ülemiste Shopping Centre Developed by Linstow Center Management Becomes an Award Winner in International Competition

Energy Consumption in Linstow Center Management Shopping Centres Has Almost Halved

Funds donated during the Galactico charity project Charity Wall have helped to implement five charity plans

Funds donated during the Galactico charity project Charity Wall have helped to implement five charity plans

Galactico Gift Cards Worth over Seven Million EUR Purchased in 2015

Galactico Shopping Centres First in Latvia to Offer New Shopping Experience, Orienteering Game in Shopping Centres

Linstow Center Management Shopping Centres First in Latvia to Implement iBeacon Game in Shopping Centres

Origo Shopping Centre Managed by Linstow Center Management First in World to Receive Prestigious Breeam In-Use Certificate

Charity Wall, Let’s Help Together! Opened in Five Galactico Centres Operated by Linstow Center Management

Linstow Center Management in collaboration with Apeirons has made significant improvements in environment accessibility

Alfa Retail Park Facing Many Positive Changes

Linstow Center Management Has Invested Almost 800 Thousand Euro in Customer Service Modernisation and Improvement Offering Services Unprecedented in Latvia

Total Sales in Galactico Shopping Centres Grew by 4% in 2014

Linstow Center Management Opens Expanded Ülemiste Shopping Centre after Reconstruction in Tallinn

In First Half of 2014, Sales of Galactico Shopping Centres Grow 6%

Third H&M in Latvia to be Opened in Mols Shopping Centre This Autumn

Urban Developer Linstow Center Management to Expand Alfa Retail Park

Most Favourite Electronic Gift Card Galactico Continues to Boost its Sales

Linstow Center Management presents a design item: sundial – Origo Universi as a gift to Riga

"Linstow Center Management” – experienced and innovative leader of Baltic shopping center industry

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