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Linstow Center Management Has Invested Almost 800 Thousand Euro in Customer Service Modernisation and Improvement Offering Services Unprecedented in Latvia

Evija Majevska, Commercial Director of Shopping Centres, SIA Linstow Center Management , says, “During the past year, we have paid much thought to customer conveniences and made considerable improvements to the customer services supplementing them and gathering them all under the Galactico serviss standard. Galactico serviss is a uniform service quality standard in all five Galactico shopping centres aimed at provision of convenient and pleasant shopping experience. It is not only improvement of existing shopping environment; this is the first time when new free services that adapt the shopping environment to the lifestyle of modern and active people are introduced in Latvia. Besides, particular attention has been paid to environment accessibility for people with mobility impairments and physical and emotional comfort of customers in case of unpleasant situations relating to health.”

The following Galactico serviss services introduced in the Galactico shopping centres are brand new in Latvia:

  • recreation areas, convenient for meeting friends or use iPads installed there;
  • mobile phone charging points where you can leave your mobile phone conveniently and securely while you go shopping or have a meal;
  • interactive navigation stands where you can find the shop you look for, learn how to get to it, and print out a coupon with special offer for the shop. Besides, the navigation stands offer the mode change: if a person in a wheelchair uses it, the active navigation part moves to the lower part of the screen;
  • updated nursing rooms to accommodate the needs of babies and their parents;
  • specially designated first-aid rooms equipped with necessary devices and first-aid supplies ensuring physical and emotional support and comfort for people in a complicated situation;

Shop mobility trolleys, like those available in airports, where you can place your handbag, outer clothes and shopping bags to make your shopping more convenient and comfortable.
In cooperation with Apeirons, group of people with disabilities and their friends, LCM has completed the shopping centre accessibility audit for people with mobility impairments and mothers with prams. Some proposals made by Apeirons have also been included in the services under Galactico serviss and implemented improving environment accessibility. Renovated nursing rooms are meant for feeding and nursing babies. These rooms are accessible for prams and can accommodate parents with children. Same as disabled WCs, nursing rooms and locked and are unlocked on demand; for this purpose you should press the button at the entrance.

Ivars Balodis, chairman of the board, Apeirons, Union of People with Disabilities and their Friends , “Improvement of environment accessibility is not a mandatory precondition for operation of a facility. It is important that shopping centres offer such places where people with mobility impairments can feel comfortable. This is why we are happy indeed that there are companies in Latvia that pay more attention to customer conveniences than required by law. Lately, environment accessibility has been undergoing considerable improvement and this is largely due to people who are concerned about this topic and continuous improvement of the situation. We are truly gratified by our cooperation with Linstow Center Management as we are certain that this is the only cooperation model that can bring good results and make the surrounding environment more comfortable for every user.”

“While working with our clients and developing their content strategies for social media communications, more often than not we have noticed that one of the most popular outside pastimes for diverse age groups is frequenting of shopping centres. Nowadays people spend more and more time in shopping centres, not only for shopping, also for meeting friends, and this is why the role of environment becomes more and more important. Option to charge mobile phone, tablet or portable PC is of particular importance in the digital age. Using the offered iPads, we can get connected to social networking sites, learn topicalities or even the public transport timetable,” says Artūrs Mednis, new media and social networking expert and digital marketing specialist , when speaking about advantages offered by recreation areas.

“Employees of GRIFS AG security company who provide security guarding in the Origo, Alfa and Galerija Centrs Shopping Centres, have been trained in first aid and update their knowledge regularly, therefore they are ready, within the scope of their competence, to assist the customers of shopping centres. The new first-aid rooms equipped with specialised devices and medical supplies are a material supplement to the customer service, as they ensure support for shopping centre customers if they face complicated and unpleasant situations. These rooms offer a possibility to render better first-aid and, if necessary, it can be also used for waiting for emergency medical squad,” says Uģis Začs corporate client security manager at GRIFS AG security company , when speaking about new first-aid rooms.

All in all more than 30 diverse services aimed at customer conveniences are offered under the brand Galactico serviss, such as nursing rooms, mobile charging points, disabled WCs, first-aid rooms, recreation areas, taxi calling, sending of fax, copying and scanning services, extended working hours of banks, free WiFi, umbrella rental, interactive navigation stands, mobile app, electric vehicle charging (Origo), umbrella bags (Galerija Centrs), shop mobility trolleys (Mols and Alfa), etc.

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Funds donated during the Galactico charity project Charity Wall have helped to implement five charity plans

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Linstow Center Management Has Invested Almost 800 Thousand Euro in Customer Service Modernisation and Improvement Offering Services Unprecedented in Latvia

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