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Ülemiste, the largest shopping center in Tallinn, was opened in April 2004. After a decade of successful operation, Ülemiste came up with another pleasant surprise for the public and the business community by commencing a new stage of development. This was done in order to ensure that Ülemiste’s development keeps up with the constant changes in the city, its infrastructure, and the surrounding environment, as well as to satisfy the growing demand for a broader range of stores and a more extensive product offering, which in turn has led to a growing demand for lease space by tenants. Reconstruction and expansion of the shopping center was completed in October 2014.

After reconstruction, the area of the shopping center has doubled from the initial 49,700 m2 to 92,500 m2. Previously shoppers had 160 stores to choose from, but now the shopping center contains 210 assorted shops, cafés and restaurants. During the expansion of the shopping center, a covered three-story parking lot was built in order to provide customers with convenient parking options. The total number of parking spaces is 1,350.

The shopping center is located alongside Lake √úlemiste. √úlemiste is the largest regional shopping center in Estonia, demonstrating a modern environment and amazing architecture and design. Shoppers along with store owners highly appreciate the innovative and progressive construction and management solutions, extensive open spaces, and the widest range of top-quality goods and services. Particular attention was dedicated to entertainment and its suitability for shopping trips in which families can spend quality time together. This is the only shopping center of such category in Estonia. Its location, near a junction of two highways and an airport, allows the center to attract customers from Estonia and tourists from all over the Baltic region likewise. √úlemiste is the first BREEAM certified shopping center in the Baltics.

Key facts

  • Total Floor Space 125 000 m¬≤
  • Net Retail Area (NRA) 72 500 m¬≤
  • Number of Shops 230
  • Floors 2
  • Number of Parking Lots 1850

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Guido Pärnits

S/c √úlemiste Director

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