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SIA Linstow Center Management is our company’s biggest business partner. Currently, eight of our 22 stores are based in Linstow Center Management centers. All of these are operating successfully. Our collaboration continued even during the global crisis. We have not closed a single store; on the contrary, we have opened an Ivo Nikkolo store in Galerija Centrs. At Mols, we have changed the location of the Monton store and switched to a new store design concept. When we launched the new Blue Inc London brand on the market, we received a lot of support and trust from LCM, and now the store has already celebrated its first anniversary in Origo. On the scale of the whole Baltika Group, the first new Monton concept store was opened at Galerija Centrs, since we were certain that the first new design concept store should be opened in the premises of our trusted business partner. We knew that choosing this top notch shopping center will provide us with a design environment of the necessary level and that here the concept will be appreciated by our landlords as well as the shoppers. The contract for our Monton store in the Alfa retail park was signed under extreme circumstances, at the exact moment when a small earthquake was recorded in central Riga. The pen was rolling across the table, but so strong is our collaboration with Linstow Center Management that even an earthquake could not shake it. Our companies highly appreciate the professional competence of Linstow Center Management; in planning the development of our stores, we often draw on their recommendations and advice. We are especially delighted with our friendly business relationship which makes our joint endeavors even more successful and helps us find a quick and easy solution to any situation. Our future plans are definitely linked to the expansion of our collaboration, and we look forward to the support of LCM in the development of our Bastion concept stores in Riga.

Maruta Ērgle, Baltika Latvija Managing Director

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